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Learn. relax. capture. enjoy.




The first step to taking better pictures is to understand the basics of photography. Understanding your camera settings and what the buttons do is a great place to start. But the next step can be a difficult one to take.

Any of this sound familiar?

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Many people just don’t have the time to get out and about with their camera to develop their skills. Everyday life just gets in the way, and you don’t get the much-needed time to practice.

Often, people get frustrated as they simply just don’t know what to photograph. They struggle to ‘see the shot’. Their images are lacking something, and they can’t put their finger on what this is. It’s super easy to give up at this stage.

Or maybe you are stuck in a photography rut and want to get fired up and excited about your photography again.

You’ve got a bit rusty with your knowledge and would benefit from a refresher and a skill re-set. Online tutorials aren’t doing it for you (in fact they are overwhelming and making it worse). You just want a friendly face to point you in the right direction.

Lots of people benefit from being around like-minded ‘photography’ people. Being in a group with people who share your interests and passions is a wonderful way of sharing tips, getting constructive feedback and empathy for your creative goals.

take time for yourself & grow your skills in a beautiful location



Take the step towards creating compelling images that you are proud of.

Benefit from dedicated and personal 1:1 and group training from a professional photography tutor.

Define your own creative priorities and find your photography style.

Have fun. Learn and grow.

Learn about using light and composition to take your images to the next level.

Spend time with a group of fellow photography enthusiasts who have all started as beginners and are at the same stage of the creative journey.

Get constructive and helpful feedback on your work so that you can overcome your fears and embrace your own vision.

Located in the small village Bancyfelin, our cottage for the weekend is the perfect place to explore Carmarthenshire and sits on the border of Pembrokeshire.

Beautiful Llansteffan, with its castle and sandy beach, the sweeping vista of Pendine sands and Laugharne, the home of Dylan Thomas with its beautiful estuary, boat house and spectacular castle are all just a short drive away.

There is an excellent pub serving home-made food within a 10-minute walk, or you can choose to drive 5 minutes to the small town of St Clears with various convenience stores and shops, three pubs and restaurants and takeaways. Less than a 10-minute drive to the large market town of Carmarthen.

Our home for the weekend is a large traditional Welsh stone farmhouse with far reaching countryside views. The cottage has plenty of features that include a hot tub seating all 8 guests and a wood burner. The perfect space to relax and unwind.

This traditional Welsh stone farmhouse has a comfortable informal living room with sofas and a warming wood burner and a Smart TV, perfect for sitting and relaxing and chatting to new friends.

The vast farmhouse kitchen which has a range style oven, a large and small fridge, dishwasher and a lovely dining area to have some breakfast overlooking the rear garden.

Heading upstairs, you will find four beautiful bedrooms which have been tastefully decorated, each with their own personality, and furnished to a high quality to ensure a restful night sleep. The first bedroom is a king size bedroom which has a solid oak bed and views over the huge rear lawn, the second bedroom is a spacious twin bedroom with full length fitted wardrobes. The third bedroom is a cosy double with views to the front of the property and surrounding countryside. The final bedroom has a super king zip-and-link bed which can be made up as a twin upon request, this bedroom also benefits from an ensuite shower room.

Externally, the property benefits from a small private patio area with undercover hot tub which can be enjoyed in all weathers.

The Agenda

Day One

Arrive at the venue on Friday afternoon any time from 4pm and settle into your room. You might want to explore the grounds of the cottage or even the local village.

At 5pm there will be an opportunity to get together with Sarah to discuss the plans for the weekend and meet your fellow photographers. Then it will be off to a local pub for dinner and an opportunity to get to know one another better.

Day Two (Saturday) & Day Three (Sunday)

We will start each day at 10am after a leisurely breakfast. You will then meet with Sarah, the other residents and possible day pass holders to discuss the objectives for the day.

Throughout the two days, you will be set exercises that are designed to help you develop the skills to create compelling images. These creative tasks will encourage you to think differently, to slow down and see and be mindful of the imagery you want to create before pressing the shutter button.

We will visit beautiful and photogenic landscapes and locations which will help spark your creativity. We will concentrate on landscape, nature and portrait photography during the weekend although we are not limited to this. If you have requests for another photography genre, please just let Sarah know!

You will work together in teams and individually to undertake creative challenges that will help you:

  • See the world differently and think outside the box. Looking at things from a different perspective.
  • Plan an image. Understanding why you are taking an image and what story you want the image to tell.
  • Understand how composition and light enhances your images.
  • Teach you what camera settings and techniques will enable you to create the image you envisage.
  • Learn to love the photographic process and build your creative confidence.

 Each day will end at 4pm. There will, however, be the opportunity to continue your learning from 4pm to 6pm on Saturday evening for those residents (not day pass holders) who would like to edit a few shots they have taken on the day. Please feel free to bring a laptop loaded with your favoured editing software. Sarah will happily give you some editing guidance should you wish during this time.

Autumn 2023 Photo Retreat

When: Friday 6th October 2023 to Sunday 8th October 2023

Where: Bancyfelin, Carmarthenshire, Wales

Costs: There are two options available for retreat attendees – residential and day pass holders. Spaces for residential guests will go on sale first and day passes will be announced later. If you would like to join the wait list for day passes, please CLICK HERE.

There are 4 rooms available to residential guests which can be booked as a single occupancy or on a shared basis. A continental style breakfast is included in your stay, but you will be responsible for organising your own packed lunches for Saturday and Sunday. Evening meals on Friday and Saturday night are not included but there are a number of local pubs which serve reasonably priced, delicious food.

Prices for residential guests start from £395 per room for 2 nights. This price includes accommodation on a bed and breakfast basis, use of all facilities (including the hot tub) and all photography tuition for the weekend.

You can secure your space by the payment of a small (non-refundable) deposit with the remainder due no later than 28-days before the retreat date. Payment plans are available.

If you would like to attend the retreat for the day or would like to come along for the weekend and arrange your own accommodation, that’s no problem at all. A limited number of Day Passes will be available to purchase for either one or both days. Prices start at £95. CLICK HERE to join the waitlist.


Sarah is based in the UK and has been a professional family and commercial photographer for almost two decades.

She has travelled all over the world, photographing celebrities and families and, as the founder of Love My Camera, has taught over 1,000 people to get confident with photography via her in person and online training programmes.

Sarah has been published in many national publications such as The Times, Vogue and featured in NPhoto magazine as a featured photography expert.

Sarah lives in South Wales and has a passion the great outdoors. In her spare time, she loves to go on adventures with her camera in tow, capturing landscapes and climbing mountains.


Do I need to be an experienced photographer to attend?

Ideally you will have some knowledge of how your camera works. A basic understanding of aperture priority, shutter priority and perhaps manual mode would be helpful. Ideally you will have attended one of my Get Camera Confident beginners sessions, either in person or online.

There will be plenty of opportunity to re-cap and brush up on your knowledge throughout the weekend so don’t worry if you need a little refresh!

Do I need to be an experienced photographer to attend?

Ideally you will have some knowledge of how your camera works. A basic understanding of aperture priority, shutter priority and perhaps manual mode would be helpful. Ideally you will have attended one of my Get Camera Confident beginners sessions, either in person or online.

There will be plenty of opportunity to re-cap and brush up on your knowledge throughout the weekend so don’t worry if you need a little refresh!

What equipment do I need?

You don’t need lots of expensive camera equipment to attend the retreat. The weekend is mainly focused on developing creative skills but there will be plenty of opportunity to brush up on your technical knowledge too.

Ideally you will have a camera that allows you to change the settings manually.

If you have more than one lens, please bring those along with any other camera accessories you might have. If you only have one lens, don’t worry. That will be perfectly fine.

A tripod might be useful so bring one along if you have one. Sarah will have a tripod which can be borrowed if necessary.

If you are a retreat resident, then you might want to bring along a laptop loaded with your preferred editing software installed. There will be an opportunity to edit some shots on Saturday evening before dinner.

I have specific dietary requirements, is that OK?

A continental style breakfast is included for all residents so please be sure to let Sarah know if you have any specific dietary requirements so she can cater for this.

The local pub where we will eat on Friday and Saturday night can cater for a variety of requirements.

Will there be lots of walking involved in the weekend?

We will be getting out and about throughout the weekend and there will be some gentle walking invoved.

The ground we cover might be uneven in places, so sensible footwear and a waterproof jacket might be necessary.

If you have any mobility issues, please contact Sarah to discuss before booking.

Will I need a car or can I travel by public transport to the retreat?

You can easily access the retreat via public transport. The closest station is Carmarthen.

If you decide to travel by public transport to the retreat, please let Sarah know and she will arrange for you to be collected from the station.

We will have to travel by car to some of the locations, but we will have a car share option available.

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