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Jargon free camera training for the total beginner

Do you have a fancy camera and mainly keep it on auto mode?

Often all of the buttons and settings can be more than a little intimidating – and the manual that comes with the camera is drier than the Sahara desert but not quite as interesting! 

Cameras are scary right?

Trying to learn the technical stuff on your own when you don’t know where to start is frustrating. All the numbers and terms are overwhelming and the language used to explain what you need to do sounds foreign.

Trying to find information in books or online takes up way too much time, and can lead to serious information overload! It’s easy to waste hours trying to learn techniques you don’t really need, whilst you still aren’t sure you’ve got the basics right.

So, what happens?

You get disheartened.

You either shove your camera back in the box and let it gather dust or you muddle through, not really knowing what you are doing.

How often do you end up with disappointing images?

What if you could get rid of all of the jargon? What if someone could explain it to you in a way that’s easy to understand? In real speak – not technical mumbo jumbo?

Creating amazing images can be fun and simple!

If it’s explained in a way that’s easy to understand, 

It doesn’t need to be difficult.


Hi, I’m Sarah, a professional photographer and trainer (you can see more of my work here).

For more than 13 years I have…

Travelled all over the world photographing families and celebrities

Taught nearly 100 professional photographers how to improve their photography and build a better business

Featured in national publications and won industry recognised awards

Taught countless beginners how to master the basics of photography

Over the years, it has been my passion to teach the basic principles of photography in an easy to understand way. I’ve developed a way of teaching that is simple, structured, easy to learn, in REAL language and fun too!

Now I’m bringing this opportunity to you with my new Get Camera Confident online workshop. It has been MANY years in the making and I am so excited to share it with you!


Do you get frustrated and confused with the settings on your camera?


Do you just leave your camera on automatic mode and hope for the best?


Do you feel disappointed with the images you are capturing with your camera?


Do you find photography guides and camera manuals confusing and boring?

Here’s the problem.

You’ve probably been learning photography the WRONG way!

My Get Camera Confident online workshop is designed for the TOTAL beginner and will talk you through, step by step the essential camera skills you need to get confident with that fancy camera you’ve been meaning to get to know better. 

Covering the basic principles of photography in real language rather than technical jargon, this easy to use training has been designed with simple to understand diagrams, practical exercises and helpful videos to teach you what you need to know to take the photos you’ve always dreamed of!

unlock the secrets to taking amazing photographs you are proud of

What you’ll learn on this course:


Find out what all of those buttons, pictures, dials and settings actually mean


I'll talk you through how your camera records light


We'll look how ISO, aperture and shutter speed work together to create balanced exposure


Ever wondered how photographers get that lovely blurry background in their images? I'll show you how


You'll learn how to capture and show motion in your images


Frustrated by out of focus images? You'll learn how to get sharp photos every time


I'll teach you how different lenses can transform your images, giving them a totally different look and feel

Sarah’s attitude, knowledge and warmth as an individual are second to none. She’ll have you feeling confident with new skills in no time. If you need something you can come back to review regularly, virtual Sarah is the perfect companion for any photographer in the making.

Sarah N

Capture Motion

Learn how to capture motion in your images. With my simple to understand steps you will be able to capture crisp, sharp images EVERY time.

Take STUNNING Landscapes

I want to show you how you can take the most amazing, jaw-dropping images. Photographs that you display with pride. It doesn’t have to be difficult if you follow my simple steps.

Capture the moment

Tired of your holiday photos not reflecting the fun and emotion you actually felt at the time? Let me show you how to capture memories that evoke the true spirit of your adventures.

Take Stunning Portraits

Learn the techniques professional photographers use to take stunning portraits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course right for me?

This course is designed for the total beginner, you do not need any experience to complete this training?

If you have a camera which allows you to change the settings manually, this is the course for you. This covers bridge cameras, DSLR cameras and most mirrorless cameras.

How long will this course take to complete?

The beauty of this online course is that you can complete it at your own pace. If however you want to run through the training in one sitting it would probably take you around 4 hours. You could easily complete this training over the course of a weekend!

How do I access the training?

This is an online workshop so you’ll need to have access to the internet to view the content. The beauty of this online workshop is that you can view it at anytime and on any device: smartphone, tablet or desktop.

You’ll also have access to downloadable reference worksheets which you can either print out or save to your phone or tablet so you have the information to hand when you are out and about with your camera!

I have a teenage child who is interested in photography, would this be suitable for them?

Absolutely! The course is written in a very easy to understand way for all ages however I would suggest that if your child is under 16 that you create an account for them on their behalf.

Is this training aimed at any particular type of photography?

No. The course will teach you the basic fundamentals of photography which are applicable to shooting all genres of photography.

What our trainees have been saying

Sarah has created a brilliant, technical but not TOO technical, easy to understand photography course for beginners that I thoroughly recommend. If you have some camera knowledge but want to know more her friendly manner and professional approach fills in all the blanks. Can’t wait to put it all into practice!

Kate D

I have had my camera for 5 years and it’s always been stuck on auto mode. Sarah explained everything in a simple and fun way. I now understand what my camera is actually doing and feel much happier about using other settings. Thanks Sarah.

Helen P

I’ve never really understood how to use my camera properly. Sarah really helped me understand the basics which has given me so much more confident to play with the settings and achieve different effects. Great course.

Mari T

simple online tutorials that are easy to use























User friendly online training that can be accessed on any device at a time to suit you - for life!


61 lessons written in a jargon free language you'll understand


Over an hour of video tutorials, quizzes and practical exercises


Useful downloadable reference guides to use when you're out and about!

Is this the right course for you?


Little to no experience? No problem. This course is designed for the total beginner.


You have a Bridge, DSLR or Mirrorless camera. If you can change the camera settings then you are good to go!


Don't have lots of fancy, expensive camera kit? It really doesn't matter. It's easy to take great photos with a basic, entry level camera. No need to spend loads of £££.


You are a parent who wants to capture beautifully creative images of their children?


You are a blogger or small business owner who wants to take professional looking images for their website or social media?


You simply want to take amazing photographs with confidence!

In just a few hours time you could be taking the pictures you’ve always dreamt of.

Let’s Get Camera Confident!









The new and updated Get Camera confident course opens for enrolment on 1st October 2019. If you’d like to be on the waiting list then please drop Sarah an email at

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